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COOLING YOUR SPACE: Window Blinds & Ceiling Fans

Looking for an easy way to cool your home without breaking the budget? Change the way you are using your window blinds and ceiling fans.

Which Way is Best for Window Blind Slats to be Positioned?

Window blind slats are designed to be turned up and down depending on if you want the room to look aesthetically pleasing or to be functional.

Looking for function? Turn the slats down during the cooler months to direct the warm air toward the center of the room. In the warmer months turn the slats upward to force the warm air to go behind the blinds.

You may also want to consider how much light enters the room. Slats up reduces the amount of light that enters the room, and makes it more difficult for passersby to see into your home. Slats down lets in more light, but gives you less privacy.

Turning your blind slats down with the rounded side showing toward your living space will give the room a soft look. It’s all a matter of perference.

Which Way is Best for Ceiling Fans Blades to Spin?

The direction that your ceiling fan blades are spinning makes a difference in how the air is flowing through the room. In the warmer months when you want your room to feel cool, run your blades counterclockwise to create a downdraft. The contour of the blades in this direction will create a nice breeze.

When the air outside becomes cool, you will want your room to feel warm. Most people do not utilize their fans in the winter, but when you change the blades to spin clockwise, they will create an updraft to circulate warm air around the room.

So go ahead, run your fan year-round!

Which Way is Best for your Energy Bill?

Window blinds and ceiling fans are great compliments to your heating and air conditioning system. By working together, they can enhance the ability of your HVAC system to work less which can also save you money on your monthly energy bill.

In the summer, when you turn your blind slats to face upward, the air behind the blinds will flow up. Since heat rises, it will help keep the cooler air closer to the floor where you are.

The ceiling fan creates the “wind chill effect” when the blades are turning counterclockwise. Your body will feel like it is cooler, but the room temperature does not actually change unless you raise the thermostat. Because your body temperature feels lower, you can increase the temperature at which your air conditioning turns on by 4 degrees. Anytime you are decreasing the time the air condition needs to run, you are saving money.

Which Way is Best?

The choice is yours.

Written by Stacey Imber, Co-Owner of Moving Crew NJ, LLC

Moving Crew NJ, LLC, is a family-owned, local moving company that recognizes the difficulties of finding a moving company that will tackle the small moves. Whether it is a large piece of furniture that needs to go into the next room or a home full of furniture going to a new location, Moving Crew NJ will get it there safely, efficiently, and economically. Contact Moving Crew NJ, LLC, at or visit for all your moving needs. No job is too small!

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