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VACATION PLANS - Did you forget something?

You spend countless hours planning the perfect get-away. You search the internet for the best flights or driving routes. You agonize over what clothes to pack. You schedule fun side trips and excursions. You are ready to go, but, uh oh…did you forget something? Yes. But, we’re not talking about your favorite hat.

Don’t forget the stuff you leave behind.


Poor little Fido will be sad that you are away - unless you find a fabulous place for him to vacation, too. Don’t forget to schedule your pet’s vacation well in advance so you aren’t scrambling for pet care when you should be dreaming about your own vacation.


If you want your healthy plants to flourish while you’re away, you have a couple of options. For houseplants, water your plants before your leave. You can also add a couple of ice cubes to your plants so they’ll receive a slow drip of water. If you’ll be gone a little longer, schedule a neighbor to water your plants on their regular watering days. Plus, your plants may like someone to talk to them while you’re away.

Don’t forget your landscaping. Perhaps your neighbor would kindly water your outdoor plants every day since they’ll already be watering their own.

Stop Mail/Newspapers

If you will be gone more than a few days, you may want to put a stop on your mail and newspapers. Nothings says “I’m not home” like a pile of papers at your front door, and mail billowing out of your mailbox. It’s easy to do. You can request a mail hold online by visiting Contact your newspaper for more information about suspending your paper delivery.

Set lights on timers

You may already do this, but a deterrent to home break ins is to have your lights on timers. Make sure they all don’t go off at the same time though. You obviously don’t turn the living room lamp, and the bedroom lamp off at the exact same time so your timers should be set up accordingly.

Neighborhood Watch

Let neighbors know your plans so they can check on your house and know how to reach you in an emergency. You may also want to enlist a neighbor to grab any packages that show up at your door. If possible, wait to place that Amazon order until you return.

If you live in a community managed by a management company, contact your property manager to let them know you’ll be gone. They’ll not only keep an eye out for anything amiss but will know why your car hasn’t moved in days. (Yes, they notice these things.)

Social Media

It’s exciting to document your trip for your friends to see, but don’t announce to the world you aren’t home. You never know who is looking for an opportunity to “visit” your home when you aren’t there. It’s best to share your vacation photos when you return. Besides, you should be enjoying the moment and relaxing, not looking at your phone all day.

Taking the few extra steps to make sure everything is secure on the home front will ease your mind. So, relax. Enjoy your time away!

Written by Stacey Imber, Co-Owner of Moving Crew NJ, LLC

Moving Crew NJ, LLC, is a family-owned, local moving company that recognizes the difficulties of finding a moving company that will tackle the small moves. Whether it is a large piece of furniture that needs to go into the next room or a home full of furniture going to a new location, Moving Crew NJ will get it there safely, efficiently, and economically. Contact Moving Crew NJ, LLC, at or visit for all your moving needs. No job is too small!

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